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Altered Lands, 2018

(Series of 7 Photographs, 120mm / Medium Format, C-type Prints 500 x 600 mm)

Photographed within Snowdonia National Park and outside the protected area, this series shows ambiguous alterations which represent the long history and relationship we have with our surrounding environment.

Titles appear in order of photo presentation. All sites are situated in Snowdonia National Park except Alwen Dam, Alwen Forest, and Ffestiniog as illustrated.

Lake Llydaw - A natural lake, one third of the way up Mt.Snowdon. The water is used to generate electricity via the Cwm Dyli Hydroelectric Power Station situated in the valley below.


Dinorwig Slate Quarry - In its peak this quarry was the second biggest producer of slate in the World. Also situated in the disused slate quarry is a pumped-storage hydroelectric power station. To preserve the natural beauty of Snowdonia National Park, the power station itself is located inside the tunnels and caverns of Elidir Mountain.


Ffestiniog - Although this historic mining town is located in the centre of the Snowdonia National Park, the boundaries of the Park have excluded it from protective control, in hope that light industry would develop in place of the declining slate industry. The town is well known for its railway, originally used for slate transportation, which is now a tourist attraction.


Cwm Dyli Pipeline - Containing water from Lake Llydaw, this 2 kilometre pipeline runs down the south side of Mt.Snowdon and uses the water to power the hydroelectric station in the valley 320 metres below. Built in 1905 it’s Britain’s oldest power station, and is believed to be one of the oldest Grid-connected hydro-electric stations in the world.


Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station - Closed in 1991, the nuclear power station is expected to take 100 years to complete its decommission.


Alwen Forest - An area of forest under Welsh Government Woodland Estate management to protect and diversify the woodland in a sustainable way.


Alwen Dam - A reservoir listed under the Drinking Water Protected Area for Wales which maintains riparian habitat and improves water quality.  

Exhibited at:

BA Photographic Arts Degree Show 2018

University of Westminster Media, Arts & Design Degree show 2018